A shrub is a concentrated syrup with a vinegar base that is used as a mixer in cocktails or with soda. It is very refreshing served with soda, ice and extra fruit on a hot day.

This recipe has a cold brew method where the ingredients are left to sit to concentrate the fruity flavour. Some fruit, like rhubarb require cooking with the sugar or vinegar first. I tend to use the cold brew method when I can as I prefer a fresher flavour.

You could also experiment using different sugar, matching it to the type of fruit. Try mixing fruit too. I made a rhubarb and strawberry shrub before Christmas and it is lovely.

I usually use equal parts in weight of fruit, sugar and vinegar but I had lots of berries to use up so I upped the amount. It can’t hurt right?!

300-500g berries – I used boysenberries but raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, logan berries will work well, in fact you can use most fruit to make a shrub. Stone fruit is nice, rhubarb etc…

300g sugar – I used unrefined caster sugar

300ml apple cider vinegar

Aromatics – such as orange or lemon peel, whole spices like black pepper or try fresh herbs… Experiment with different flavours (optional)

Mix the berries with the sugar, crushing with your hands or a fork slightly to release the juices. Leave to macerate for half an hour or so. Add vinegar and mix well, you want the sugar to dissolve. Pour into a large clean jar and let the flavours meld for 3-7 days in the fridge. Strain out the fruit and keep the shrub in a bottle in the fridge ready to use all summer.

Serve with soda, citrus fruit and ice or in a cocktail with your favourite spirit.