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The Modern Mess is a recipe and meal inspiration hub curated by me, Jen Pomeroy, a qualified Chef based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Each week I share my meal inspiration, produce and any foodie information in a weekly email and I share 3 seasonal recipes (sometimes more!) via the members login on this website.

Here at The Modern Mess you can try new recipes and be inspired to cook delicious seasonal real food for you and your family. Although I cook for a small family, the recipes are suited to anyone and can be adapted or scaled to suit. Each recipe usually serves 4 adults as we like leftovers!

Learn to refine your cooking skills and to cook smart by using seasonal produce. I also include video demonstrations, tips and techniques of the trade to make your culinary life easier.

Adapt the recipes to suit what you have in your fridge, pantry and within your budget. I aim to make most recipes achievable in under an hour with some ready sooner, so dinner can be ready in no time. With a Catering background, I also share how to plan and prepare meals in advance to make meal time more manageable and to enjoy meals that take a bit more time.

Here at The Modern Mess we like eat meat about 3-4 times per week so I provide plenty of meat free meals and options for switching out the protein. We prefer to eat high quality free range or organic meat and eggs with focus on high welfare. Sustainable fish and seafood feature too – although not as much. To afford this we just eat less meat. I like to mix meat with other plant based proteins and all my meals are packed with seasonal vegetables. It’s all real food folks!

If you’re in need of some cooking inspiration and some new delicious recipes to slot into your favourites, join The Modern Mess today.
See you there…

Meet The Mess

Hi, my name is Jen. I am married to Keeley, a mother to two girls, Toren and Flynn and a Chef by trade. I’m the face behind The Modern Mess.

I am passionate about seasonal cooking and eating, I live to eat!  I was inspired by my friends to create a platform to share my weekly meal plan, recipes and to inspire people to cook delicious wholesome seasonal food. I’m all about cooking smart and making your culinary life easier. 

As a child I was always interested in cooking and a lot of my early childhood memories are related to food. Making Grandma biscuits with Grandma, fresh herb mayo with new potatoes dug from the garden. Pulling carrots and picking beans with Neddy, then enjoying a Sunday roast and my Grandfather trying to steal my crackling!

I feel food is a way to connect people and to create memories. Whether it be a hot cup of coffee and a warm pastry at the local market or a delicious meal around the table with your family on a Sunday night (or any night!), these are memories to treasure. Not to forget the weeknight chaos of tired kids and food flung left, right and centre! Well, that’s what its like at our house anyway! A Modern Mess!


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